Virtues are not Opinions

Our publisher is pretty amazing. They’ve articulated out feelings about the current client perfectly. So, we’ve shared their words here. We’ve been silent for a while now. Partially because we’ve been doing a lot of listening, praying, and grieving. Mostly because words are very hard to find when you know they will never, ever beContinue reading “Virtues are not Opinions”

Drag Race Finale Eleganza!

5 Glorious, Just What I Needed Pretzels Lookie here, I’ll be honest. I haven’t been in the best mood lately. The COVID situation was getting to me, and then the George Floyd murder happened. Blogging about dumb shows and random books seems silly and insignificant. But you know what’s pulled me through, what has helpedContinue reading “Drag Race Finale Eleganza!”