My Lovely Wife…is Maybe Not iSo Chill

Your girl is back, back, back with a book review. Lookie here, Covid made my brain crazy, and I wasn’t really able to retain much of what I read in January or February. But I appear to be back to full mental capacity. So, up first, My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing.

4 Pretzels.

A Synopsis: In Brief.

Millicent and her husband have a great relationship. He’s a tennis pro, she’s a realtor, they and their two children are living the organic, grassfed, phone-free dinner life due to Millicent’s dope house management skills. She really is lovely. But, as you’ve probably guessed, things are not what they seem

Look, my life is a hot mess. I have the best intentions when it comes to cleaning, cooking, shopping, all that jazz but, unlike Millicent and her clan, with me, what you see is really what you get. Like, I probably just hid dirty dishes in the oven because I didn’t have time to clean or, more likely, I got distracted by something fun and just didn’t do my chorin’. So, it’s very light a candle and hope for the best when it comes to having visitors. What I’m saying is, there may not be dirty dishes in Millicent’s oven, but that’s because they’re too busy hiding much worse things in much worse places.

This is a thriller with twists and turns, so, if you plan on reading it, you may want to stop here.


We first meet “Tobias” in a bar. He pretends to be deaf to pick up women. I instantly hated. But, when he first took out his phone to type, “My name is Tobias. I’m…” I, for the briefest of moments, wanted it to say “am a never nude.”

There are literally dozens of us." Tobias Funke (nevernude) | Arrested  Development | Arrested development quotes, Movies, Favorite tv shows

That is not at all what happened. So, he goes home with this woman and you think, “Gross. This guy fakes being deaf to cheat on his wife.” But, readers, it is so much worse. Turns out, he and Millicent are more than just domestic partners. They are also muderin’ partners. He hunts women, lures them in, and then they kill them together. It’s like a date night, but really, really twisted.

Millicent flips the script and starts doing things that don’t fit their MO. Tobias – not his real name, but we never learn his real name – gets all in his narcissistic feelings about it.

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But Millicent, always the planner, has an idea. She knows exactly what she’s doing, so he should just chill and let her do her thing. This isn’t untrue. Millicent DOES know exactly what she’s doing. It’s just that, what she’s doing, is not gonna work out for Tobias.

I really don’t want to give much away because this book is super fun. It was recommended by a friend who is also super fun, so I knew I was going to enjoy it; I just didn’t realize how much I would enjoy. And I think it fixed my brain. Since then, I’ve been back to my normal reading level, and I’m actually remembering what I’ve read. It’s dope.

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I think this one was so well done because it was written by a woman. Thrillers like Gone Girl and My Lovely Wife are legit better because they were written by women. The authors get the complexity of their characters and it shows. I highly recommend this one.

Okay, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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