I Do Not Patronize Bunny Rabbits

What up, ghouls? As you may or may not know, we both LOVE Halloween. Like, love it, and there’s just too much Halloween themed pop culture to consume, so we celebrate the entire month of October. And why not? October’s dope. I’ve decided to do a mid-month review of all the Halloween-inspired stuff I’ve consumed thus far.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

But, wait, let’s play a fun game of guess the classic I somehow only just watched for the first time. It’s a fun game. I’ll give you a one line review, and you guess the movie.

Okay, here it is:

“Look, if you come at me with a crab on your face, your ass is stayin’ outside.”


“I know next to nothing about spaceships, but this one seems very damp to me.”

Know the movie? Leave it in the comments.

Okay, let’s get to some reviews.

Book Review: Gerald’s Game, Stephen King

4 Pretzels for offering up sheer terror every time I entered a dark room

Woah, Uncle Stevie, you out did yourself with this one. GG comes out of the gate tense as hell and doesn’t let up. Jessie and Gerald, married for nearly two decades, head to their lake house in the off season for a weekend of bondage. Things go poorly when Gerald ignores all the rules and boundaries of this type of relationship, and Jessie is forced to defend herself. Gerald unexpectedly dies, and Jessie is left handcuffed to the bed. Now, Jessie, turns out, is hella smart and resourceful. But, man, does she go through it. We have repressed memories, voices in her head, a dog formerly known as Prince, a creepy ass bag of bones man, and a clever connection to one of the most interesting SK’s I’ve read, Delores Claiborne. Gerald’s Game scared the bejeezus out of me, y’all. It’s very tense, and that bone man is no one to mess with. I just assumed he was simultaneously standing in every corner of my house just waiting to offer me a pinkie and a pearl earring. I want neither from him. Netflix adapted the story. I haven’t watched it yet, but it’s on the Halloween list.

Other Reads (Reviews to come):

Chasing the Boogeyman, Richard Chizmar

Head Full of Ghosts, Peter Tremblay

Billy Summers, Stephen King

Movie Review: Becky

5 Pretzels for sheer enjoyment. Enjoyment will always get one more star than terror.

Becky (LuLu Wilson) is 13, and she is pissed. A year ago, her mother died, so it’s just she, her dad, and two dope dogs named Dora and Diego. Dad (Joel McHale) pulls a cool dad move and checks her out of school early for a weekend at their lake house. Then he pulls a completely uncool dad move and invites his girlfriend and her son. Becky is…displeased. In another part of town, four Nazis have escaped from prison. And, of course, these two foursomes meet up, and it does not go well. Becky goes full Lord of Flies on these dudes, attacking them with makeshift weapons made of arts and crafts supplies. It’s truly a marvel to watch.

I would in no way call this movie scary. In fact, the only scary thing about it is the sheer number of Nazi tattoos they managed to cram on to Kevin James’ bald head. That’s right, Paul Blart is now a Nazi. You can stream Becky on Hulu.

Here’s the trailer.

Other movies I watched:

Benny Loves You. (Think Talking Tina but less scary and way more stupid)

The Rental

Step Father


My Favorite Folklore:

You didn’t think I was going to say murder, did you? Look, I was super into that podcast for about a week and a half, and then I just could not with it. It’s the total lack of research that gets me. You aren’t sure how old the victim was? Google that shit.

We’re gonna throw it all the way back to when Sarah did her #folklorefriday blog series. I loved all of them, but we’re focusing on the mysterious and spooky. With that in mind, I have to kick it off with a local legend, The Gurdon Light. You can read her blog here. Or, better yet, flip through this magazine I wrote, edited, and published for work. Sarah was nice enough to let me use it for the newest edition.

I haven’t consumed as much spooky stuff as I would have liked. I’ve been, you know, actually enjoying this really great fall weather we’ve had. We went hiking – yes, y’all – the Sarah Holland and Ryanne Harper went hiking. Like, on purpose. We weren’t lost or anything.

So, however you choose to celebrate Halloween, whether it’s spooky movies, shoving several Reese’s pumpkins in your face, or getting outside, you do you, boo.

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