Holland + Harper

“My only regret is giving Spencer Miceno herpes.”

Smoky Lynx

So, who are Holland + Harper? Semi-professional merkin weaver, folklore expert, the Scotty Pippen and Michael Jordan of retail, accountant, gay genealogist…yes, we are all of those things. But first and foremost, we are friends. We’ve been friends longer than we can remember. Our meeting was…unorthodox. We worked together a Books-A-Million back in the early 2000s. Holland, being far too cool for dumb 18-year-old Harper, we didn’t speak until one fateful day. The day a woman stepped in a pile of human feces in the middle of the paperback fiction aisle during a one day sale. And the rest, as they say, is history.  

We are also authors. In February of 2018, we thought it’d be cute to write a book for an audience of one. That book turned into a four-part series, or quadology if you will, a stand alone folklore book, and plans for many, many more. 

Here’s the thing about us, we hope you like the books. We really, really do. But we have a hell of a good time writing the things, and, in the end, that’s all that really matters to us. 

So, load up in your clown car and join us in Spring Valley for some straight up stunt shows and shenanigans. You won’t be sorry. Plus, the first book is, like, $1. So, even if you hate it, you aren’t out much. 

Holland + Harper 

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