I Know Who You Ate Last Summer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I guess? It’s what I’ve been led to believe by many an overly peppy Christmas song. I would tend to disagree but I’m in the minority. Hallmark has been airing Christmas movies since Halloween for heavens sake. And that’s fine. It’s whatever. I’m especially chill with itContinue reading “I Know Who You Ate Last Summer”

Hallo-WEEK! Playlist Edition

I think we can all agree that, of the traditional Halloween monsters, the vampire is the most mysterious and, honestly, the most played out. But I love it when an artist – songwriter, novelist, whatever – can take the classic and turn it on its side. So long as it makes sense and it’s dumb. Looking at you, Stephanie Meyer. Glitter. My god, woman. What’s wrong with you?

I Do Not Patronize Bunny Rabbits

What up, ghouls? As you may or may not know, we both LOVE Halloween. Like, love it, and there’s just too much Halloween themed pop culture to consume, so we celebrate the entire month of October. And why not? October’s dope. I’ve decided to do a mid-month review of all the Halloween-inspired stuff I’ve consumedContinue reading “I Do Not Patronize Bunny Rabbits”

Wait…Have I Been Micro Dosed?

Probably. It’s the only explanation. When I found out Hulu was adapting Liane Moriarty’s Nine Perfect Strangers, I was ecstatic. I immediately text all five of my friends to let them know. I am what you would call a Liane Moriarty Fan. Fan with a capital F. Fan as in I was going to getContinue reading “Wait…Have I Been Micro Dosed?”

New Name. Same Shenanigans.

Readers, we have recently made the decision to drop the pen names. Why? Because it’s really hard to maintain both your normal personality as well as a fake one you invented simply because you were pranking a friend. Well, holdup; that’s not the whole truth. A little background. When we first decided to write books,Continue reading “New Name. Same Shenanigans.”

I Wanna Go on the Gravitron Before it Gets All Pukey

Same, Mallory, same. Hello, friends. It’s been…a minute. But I’m back with a Cruel Summer breakdown. No, not the song. Although, I am a fan of both the Bananarama and the T Swift songs as well as the Ace of Base cover. All dope. But, no, I’m talkin’ about the Freeform series you can catchContinue reading “I Wanna Go on the Gravitron Before it Gets All Pukey”

Keep That Thing Away From Major Tom

Alright kids, first things first. This blog is just spattered with spoilers so if you haven’t watched the movie yet read at your own risk. I’m so truly impressed with what these movies are managing to do. If you told me some movies based on Fear Street were gonna revamp horror entirely I would haveContinue reading “Keep That Thing Away From Major Tom”