A Wise Man’s Fear: A Review

Book Two in the Kingkiller Chronicles was just sorta meh. I flew through the first book last year, totally wrapped up in Kvothe’s tale of being a travelling performing, losing his family and troupe to a group of magical monsters no one wants to talk about, living on the streets, and finally making his way to the magical university.

That’ll Put Marzipan in Your Pie Plate, Bingo

Buffering the Vampire Slayer 5 Pretzels Hey Interweb Crawlers! Have you ever been totally in love with a TV show? Like, so in love with it that you never stop rewatching it and you quote it constantly and conduct spontaneous acapella performances of the musical episode so often that you emotionally scar a close friend?Continue reading “That’ll Put Marzipan in Your Pie Plate, Bingo”

Shadowy Guys (clap, clap) Are Watching You

I feel like it would be an amazing relief to know that the large shadowy entity appraising you from a distance wasn’t going to catcall you, or assault you, or monologue at you about what a great movie American Psycho is while they inch ever more uncomfortably close to you at a party.