Curses, Canadians,and Cannibals!

Wynonna Earp 5 Pretzels Hey pals! I’ve been waiting to write this review for ages and lo, today is finally the day. All three seasons of Wynonna Earp  are officially streaming on Netflix! What? You don’t know Wynonna Earp? It’s only one of the best and most fun genre shows on television. The basic lowdown isContinue reading “Curses, Canadians,and Cannibals!”

Exorcism is Really A Boutique Business

Los Espookys 5 Pretzels Hey gang! Have you already finished season 3 of Stranger Things? Did it leave a monster shaped hole in your heart? I feel ya. If your craving some more creepy content I suggest Los Espookys.  It’s a new HBO comedy and I knew from the moment that I saw the trailer that itContinue reading “Exorcism is Really A Boutique Business”

The Seven Husbands of Smoky Lynx…I Mean, Evelyn Hugo

Told in Taylor Jenkins Reid’s unique interview style, Evelyn’s story begins in the ’50s. A young girl in Hells Kitchen, Evelyn vows to do what it takes to get to Hollywood and become a star. And she does.

Come for the Boating. Stay Because You’re Dead.

Hey Bookworms! Have y’all ever heard that old saying “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and create a haunted lake?” Probably not. I just made it up but it certainly applies to Lake Lanier in Georgia. A bunch of government guys were hanging out one day in the early 50’sContinue reading “Come for the Boating. Stay Because You’re Dead.”