Drinks with Lynx: Gin & Juice

Look, for me, gin is a very seasonal drink. So, I’m trying to get all those gin drinks in before bourbon season. You feel me? Today, y’all, we’re sippin’ on gin and juice. Here’s what you need: Gin St. Germaine Grapefruit juice Oh, y’all thought we were having orange juice? No ma’am. We’re taking thisContinue reading “Drinks with Lynx: Gin & Juice”

BLL Pregame: The Renata Razzmatazz

1 Pretzel Look, it isn’t a good drink, or even a good idea, but it will most assuredly get the job done. Renata seems busy and also efficient. So, I imagine her drink to be just a glass full of gin with maybe a xanax backer. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, maybe crush it upContinue reading “BLL Pregame: The Renata Razzmatazz”