From the Desk of E. Big Foote

Hey y’all. I’m taking a break from my nonsense this week to support and share the words of a good friend with regard to the new Hulu documentary Sasquatch. Open your ears and hear the truth. I’m sharing a letter to the public from my good homie Bigfoot below. Good evening my dudes. I wantContinue reading “From the Desk of E. Big Foote”

Freaky Friday, but Make it Worse

So, last week I got my second Covid vaccine and, while I was thrilled as hell to get it, it knocked me on my ass. Straight laid me out. Last Saturday, I spent the whole day on the couch. I spent that time wisely, of course, I binge-watched an entire season of City on theContinue reading “Freaky Friday, but Make it Worse”

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Drag Race S13, E14 Our top four is back and are tasked with helping Mama Ru make her new music video. Our gals had to write their own verse, lay down their track, and learn choreography from the great Jamal Sims. I’d like to take a moment to fangirl over Jamal. First of all, he’sContinue reading “Are You Feeling Lucky?”

You’ll (Nain) Rouge the Day You Ever Crossed Me!

Have you ever heard that famous saying “Don’t start none, won’t be none”? I can’t remember who first said it. Probably Confuscius or Kim Kardashian or some other wise soul. The point is, that saying is very much the motto of a little French hobgoblin called Nain Rouge. He’s a petite gentleman about 2 orContinue reading “You’ll (Nain) Rouge the Day You Ever Crossed Me!”

Horowitz, You Clever Bastard

Y’all, Anthony Horowitz is a puzzle master. He is the Will Shortz of the mystery novel. His new book is out – it’s been out for a minute, but your girl is behind – and it’s hella good. Moonflower Murders, Anthony Horowitz. 4 Glorious Pretzels. First of all, you need to read Magpie Murders first.Continue reading “Horowitz, You Clever Bastard”

It’s a Roast, Henny!

Drag Race S13,E12 & E13 We’re doubling down again this week because, well, I’m a slacker. Facts are facts, America. So, last week, we had a nice girl roast and, well friends, it wasn’t that great. Our honorees were none other than Nina West, Heidi N Closet, and Valentina. So, two nice gals and oneContinue reading “It’s a Roast, Henny!”

If You Boil It For At Least 67 Minutes The Evil Cooks Right Out

I’ve always thought that if I were to be a supernatural creature I would be a werewolf. I’m pale and nocturnal when given the opportunity but brooding isn’t my thing at all so I couldn’t be a vampire. And I couldn’t be a Creature From the Black Lagoon because I’m not a particularly strong swimmerContinue reading “If You Boil It For At Least 67 Minutes The Evil Cooks Right Out”

Didn’t You Once Tell a Vampire to Eat a Dick?

Hey! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s Spring! I freaking love Spring. I’m all energized and super happy. Manifesting stuff and cleaning and what not. It’s awesome. My Mom’s theories are generally pretty wack, right? But she does have this one theory that I think may hold water. It’s that whatever season youContinue reading “Didn’t You Once Tell a Vampire to Eat a Dick?”