Happy Anniversary Honey! I got you a corpse.

3 Pretzels What’s up, gang? In their new Netflix release Murder Mystery Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anitson pose the provocative question “What happens when you combine Happy Gilmore with Agatha Christie?” Obviously there’s going to be at least one man child and also some murder. Perhaps even murder most foul. Although Sandler’s last few moviesContinue reading “Happy Anniversary Honey! I got you a corpse.”

Milkman Keeps All the Girls from the Yard

1 Pretzel. It could be my lactose intolerance, but I was just not feeling this one. A synopsis, in brief: Milkman is set in Northern Ireland in the ’70s, that’s never specifically said, but I used context clues like car bombings, political unrest, and the early stages of feminism to figure it out. Our unnamed leadContinue reading “Milkman Keeps All the Girls from the Yard”