Critical Acclaim

Fives, fives, fives across the board!

Praise for Fall: An Ermahgerd Merstery

“What an absolute blast! This book was entertaining from cover to cover. It really has an amazing mix of humor, suspense, and heart. It made me laugh out loud and want a Strawberry Kiwi Snapple. I cannot wait for Winter. Lynx and Leroux made me feel like they were writing this book just for me.” – Lauren Thomas

“I read this book in the surgery waiting room and laughed aloud at several inappropriate times. The sly, deadpan humor decorates these murders with sprinkles and keeps the reader looking at the bright side, just like Kimmy. We could all take a cue or two from her. I loved the 90s setting and ‘Fall’ reads like a 90s sitcom with my own inappropriate laughter as the t.v. laugh track.” – Taylor Henry

“Couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion for the books we’ve grown to love. Chapter six, in its entirety, was fantastic. Such a great debut series from Lynx & Leroux. And that epilogue.” – Beth Templeton

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