It’s 1993 and Kimmy Livengood is so excited to start seventh grade; she and her best friend Becky will finally be going to the same school, she’s logging plenty of volunteer hours at the library, and she’s on track to make it to the regional Magic: The Gathering tournament next summer. Kimmy is living her best life and making the most of all her opportunities, despite her mild speech impediment. When Kimmy goes on a back-to-school shopping trip with Becky and her friends, things take a turn when Kimmy finds a dead body. Was it an accident? Was it murder? Detectives Jones and Finnigan arrive on the scene to find out. Now the Detectives must beat the clock as the bodies begin to pile up in the otherwise peaceful town of Spring Valley. The suspects are few, the clues are even fewer. Will Carl Jones and Jake Finnigan catch the perpetrator before it’s too late for Kimmy Livengood? Full of laughs, heart, and plenty of clowns, Turrible Seasons: An Ermahgerd Ermnibus will have you one the edge of your seat, craving a hot pretzel, and considering enrolling in clown college.

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For years Charlaine has been fascinated by the journals belonging to her grandmother Lorraine Dupoix. Lorraine “Lorrie” Dupoix, famed folklorist, spent years tracking down folklore creatures from all over the globe to learn more about them and the people who believe in them. Finally, on her 35th birthday, Granny Lorrie passed down the text so Charlaine could retrace her grandmother’s footsteps through swampland, forest, snow-covered mountains, rain forest, and Chicago hunting for folklore creatures. And, hopefully, to discover a few of her own. Full of wonder, monsters, illustrations, and interviews, Folklore: A Field Guide is a delightful journey from beginning to end.

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Christmas in Spring Valley has never been merrier!
In this collection of short stories, including a Lynx & LeRoux twist on a classic Christmas poem, the residents of Spring Valley lose a beloved mascot, a very special family goes on vacation, Kimmy is living her best caroling life until tragedy strikes, Ana gets her moment in the sun, and the authors confirm that, yes, Dan Livengood is the hero we don’t deserve.
Full of mystery, heart, and plenty of laughs, A Spring Valley Christmas is the perfect collection this holiday season.

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Perry Stark is a detective working in New York. A veteran of the force, he is struggling to balance his home and work life. When Stark and his new partner catch a murder case, he hopes to get a quick solve so he can take some time to work on his marriage. But when he and Baker meet up with an old friend, they discover their case is anything but routine.
With pressure from his chief, a growing need to save his relationship, and a chance to redeem himself, Stark is determined to get it right this time.
Now, with the pieces falling into place, Perry must decide, does he wait for his team or face it alone? Can he make up for past mistakes? Will solving the case help he and his wife mend their broken marriage?
A fast-paced thriller from debut authors, Roommates is sure to keep you guessing until the very end.

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