Shadowy Guys (clap, clap) Are Watching You

I feel like it would be an amazing relief to know that the large shadowy entity appraising you from a distance wasn’t going to catcall you, or assault you, or monologue at you about what a great movie American Psycho is while they inch ever more uncomfortably close to you at a party.

Curses, Canadians,and Cannibals!

Wynonna Earp 5 Pretzels Hey pals! I’ve been waiting to write this review for ages and lo, today is finally the day. All three seasons of Wynonna Earp  are officially streaming on Netflix! What? You don’t know Wynonna Earp? It’s only one of the best and most fun genre shows on television. The basic lowdown isContinue reading “Curses, Canadians,and Cannibals!”