A River Monster Runs Through It

Hey Bookworms! The flood inducing rains have stopped for a few days and now the searing heat of summer is in full effect. It’s officially swimming season and of course that makes me think of river/lake monsters. Whether you’re planning to do some water aerobics or lounge by a lake, I feel that I wouldContinue reading “A River Monster Runs Through It”

A Nearly Normal Family: A Review

4 Pretzels The Sandalls have it all. Great friends, good careers, and the respect of their community. They also have a lot of secrets and will soon need to decide where their loyalties, and their moral, lie. Secrets, lies, a murder most foul, court room drama, family drama, complicated characters, handball, the struggles of workingContinue reading “A Nearly Normal Family: A Review”

Big Little Lies: Episode 203

3 Pretzels: Good with a beer or a Renata Razzmatazz. Just kidding. Don’t drink that. Two things I would like to mention before we get in to the episode. What happened to Tom? And, more importantly, what happened to his coffee shop? The gals were loyal customers last season and Jane seemed to really hitContinue reading “Big Little Lies: Episode 203”

BLL Pregame: The Renata Razzmatazz

1 Pretzel Look, it isn’t a good drink, or even a good idea, but it will most assuredly get the job done. Renata seems busy and also efficient. So, I imagine her drink to be just a glass full of gin with maybe a xanax backer. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, maybe crush it upContinue reading “BLL Pregame: The Renata Razzmatazz”

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Evil

Hey Bookworms! Listen, y’all. I have tried to explain several times, as recently as seven days ago, why you have to be on your toes at all times during road trips or maybe even skip them entirely. I have attempted to both shake your nerves and rattle your brains in the most loving way possible. Still, youContinue reading “Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Evil”

BLL Pregame: The Monterey Mint

4 Pretzels So, Big Little Lies is a dope show. If you aren’t watching it, you’re either a fool or you don’t have HBO and that’s totally understandable. I like to do a little pregaming before the big show and, if Sundays aren’t for day drinking, no one told me, so here we are. ThisContinue reading “BLL Pregame: The Monterey Mint”

Folklore Friday: Witchin’ Camaro

Hey Bookworms! Charlaine here! Is there anything better than going for a drive on a summer night? The way that the moonlight washes over the road. The feeling that you and whatever soul is lucky enough to be rolling with you are the only people in the world. Nowhere specific to be. No certain amountContinue reading “Folklore Friday: Witchin’ Camaro”

My Name is Trouble

5 PRETZELS! < No idea what the hell this means? Here’s How it Works. You guys, I love mysteries. I love them so much that I ended up co writing a mystery series with one of my best buds. That love of mysteries got me hooked on Pretty Little Liars which then led me toContinue reading “My Name is Trouble”