A Separate Peace of Shit or Frank Hardy and the Mystery of What Exactly Happened in that Goddamn Tree

0 Pretzels. After the testicle song, I kinda lost my appetite. That’s right. We’re ringing in the new year with a testicle song. I’d feel bad that the guy only had one, but he’s a Nazi, so does anyone even care? No. No one cares about Nazi balls. Look, when I realized we were actuallyContinue reading “A Separate Peace of Shit or Frank Hardy and the Mystery of What Exactly Happened in that Goddamn Tree”

Before We Were Yours: A Review

Before we were yours, we were someone else’s, ya’ dicks. 4 Pretzels Before We Were Yours was our book club pick for February. And, man, was it a doozy. A Synopsis: 1939 Rill lives on a shanty boat with her two parents, Briny and Queenie, and her four siblings, Camiella, Fern, Lark, and Gabion. They spendContinue reading “Before We Were Yours: A Review”

The Family Upstairs…is Actually a Cult

This book is full of twists and turns, conflicting stories, and belladonna. Read it. You won’t be disappointed. Unless you just love super boring books that aren’t at all about cults. 

Book Review: Needful Things

Castle Rock, Maine is a quaint little town full of lovely people where nothing bad ever happens. It is basically the town from Gilmore Girls. I’m kidding. Though it has a Stars Hollow vibe, Castle Rock has a level of creepy that SH just never achieved.

Book Review: The Chain

The book begins with a kidnapping. Young Kylie is taken from the bus stop by a couple who seem to hate themselves for what they’re doing, but will also do anything to get their child back. It’s a conundrum.

Henrietta Lacks: Could I even live without her?

No. And you likely couldn’t either. Sit down, kids. It’s time for a science lesson. Henrietta Lacks was born on August 1, 1920. She died at the age of 31. She became unwell, so she went to the only hospital in her area that would see African-American patients, Johns Hopkins. Henrietta was first misdiagnosed andContinue reading “Henrietta Lacks: Could I even live without her?”