Chestnut and I have Parted Ways

Okay, so riding a horse is hella hard. The trip down to the stables was easy peas. Tobias was justĀ  finishing up putting the horse seat and handlebars on…oh my god, this sounds like a setup to a romance novel. It is not. He left to get back to ‘mother’ and I attempted to getContinue reading “Chestnut and I have Parted Ways”

Sweaters, Invisible Ink, Culottes…the Choices Are Endless

Since seeing the movie, I’ve told everyone I needed a nap around the time they’re about to start one of their asinine holiday festivities. Only a handful of these people even like me, so no one cares when I beg off so they can roast more chestnuts. These people are obsessed with nuts.

Snowmobiles, Smowmobiles

Turns out snowmobiles are not that great. It’s impossible to maintain my aesthetic while plowing through snow. I lost an eyelash, my wig was askew, and, because of the cold wind, I was forced to zip my insulated jumpsuit all up to my neck. Look, I have killer collarbones. I’d like everyone to know that.Continue reading “Snowmobiles, Smowmobiles”