Folklore Flashback: Will O’ the do What Now?

As it turns out, if you spot an orb outside, there are a couple of other orbsplanations available. So, let’s say you’re out just a wanderin’ around the woods one night and you see a glowing ball of light in the distance. It could be a one person rave, which is kind of sad but not life threatening.

Folklore Flashback

It’s hard to say which child discovered it first, but the kids in Terrell, TX began receiving gifts of candy. Someone would creep up to their windows at night while they were sleeping, close enough to just slip an arm in, and leave a piece of candy on their windowsill.

Folklore: A Review

So, what can you expect? Um, some scary dudes who were actually human and led to the creation of some of my favorite vengeful ladies, road trip advice, some super cute fun guys, vampires, petite kings, a huge snail, interviews with a ghost and possibly Seth Rogan. You can expect a lot of things, but all of them will be informative and entertaining. 

That’s a Wrap(ped Ghost)

Hey Bookworms! You may or may not have heard yet, but this is my last Folklore Friday column. Because I have the attention span of a toddler, now just felt like a really good time to step away and focus on writing something new. Before we commence with the folklore shenanigans this week I justContinue reading “That’s a Wrap(ped Ghost)”