The Craft

5 pretzels. Grab your three best birches; it’s time to call the corners. I love everything about this movie. It is the perfect angsty teenage witch movie. And it has a killer cast. Skeet Ulrich, always greasy, portrays Chris beautifully. Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk. It literally could not get better. Let’ pretend youContinue reading “The Craft”

True Love Never Dies. Well, Sometimes it Does, but Then it Comes Back and Things Get Really Weird.

It’s really funny and kinda sweet. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to see Aubrey Plaza just destroy a lifeguard tower this is absolutely the movie for you.

If I Want Your Opinion I’ll Beat It Outta Ya

Elvira Mistress of the Dark 4 Pretzels Hey ghoul gang! It’s the first Friday of October and I would be remiss, nay, I would be a type 1 dweeb if I didn’t take the opportunity to shout out the breast horror hostess in the game. That’s right benches. I’m talking about Elvira Mistress of theContinue reading “If I Want Your Opinion I’ll Beat It Outta Ya”