Big Little Lies: Episode 203

3 Pretzels: Good with a beer or a Renata Razzmatazz. Just kidding. Don’t drink that. Two things I would like to mention before we get in to the episode. What happened to Tom? And, more importantly, what happened to his coffee shop? The gals were loyal customers last season and Jane seemed to really hitContinue reading “Big Little Lies: Episode 203”

Happy Anniversary Honey! I got you a corpse.

3 Pretzels What’s up, gang? In their new Netflix release Murder Mystery Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anitson pose the provocative question “What happens when you combine Happy Gilmore with Agatha Christie?” Obviously there’s going to be at least one man child and also some murder. Perhaps even murder most foul. Although Sandler’s last few moviesContinue reading “Happy Anniversary Honey! I got you a corpse.”

BLL Pregame: The Monterey Mint

4 Pretzels So, Big Little Lies is a dope show. If you aren’t watching it, you’re either a fool or you don’t have HBO and that’s totally understandable. I like to do a little pregaming before the big show and, if Sundays aren’t for day drinking, no one told me, so here we are. ThisContinue reading “BLL Pregame: The Monterey Mint”

Big Little Lies: Episode 201

Book: 5 Pretzels Show: 4.5 Pretzels only because I will always rate books higher than television. Because reading is what? FUNDAMENTAL Haven’t a clue what a Pretzel rating is? Find out here. So, I read Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty a few years ago. Drama and murder mysteries are two of my favorite things. IContinue reading “Big Little Lies: Episode 201”